Help your child improve his writing skills

Help your child improve his writing skills

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As the child approaches one year of age, the level of control with his hands increases and he begins to use the surrounding paint and similar materials. His random scribbles were his first writing attempts and formed the basis of his later writing skills. When she reaches two years of age, her scribbles become more harmonious and meaningful, and her pen-holding skill develops. When he is three years old, he approaches identifiable drawings and tries to imitate pictures and drawings he sees outside. This is a phase that now has a critical value for the child to acquire writing skills and needs to be supported.

In the preschool period, it is very important for the child to gain writing skills, to support him / her in this subject, and not to exacerbate his / her existing motivation. In addition, writing skills are important for detecting the dyslexia problem at an early age, so parents and educators are required to motivate and support the child's ability.

Some preschool activities that can be useful to the child in preschool period can be listed as follows…

• Drawing, drawing: Motivate the child to draw something.
• Painting: Painting inside of a picture with a clear borderline or a simple, basic shape. (Such exercises make the child's ability to use hands more competent and controlled.)
• Dot to dot completion: A simple drawing of dots.
• Sand game: making molds, drawing and shapes in sand.
• Labyrinth puzzles: A child can find the way out with a pencil in a drawn labyrinth (improves the child's ability to use his / her hand)

What about the next stages?

Suggestions that can help writing skills in the first grade of primary school…

• Comfortable and upright sitting style should be gained during the writing process. The pens must be soft (B series 2 or 3). Colored pencils can also be used to attract and motivate interest in line exercises. It should be ensured that the notebooks are placed on the row first. The distance between the eye and the notebook is 25-30 cm. students should be checked and frequently warned about correct behavior. Notebooks can be held side by side so that students can write comfortably. As the bottom lines and other pages are moved, the notebook is adjusted by sliding it up, down, right and left.
• Writing teaching is carried out in conjunction with reading and writing. The effort to learn to read first and then to write should not be entered.
• In the first year, first, upper and lower basic letters should be introduced in accordance with the examples of writing determined in the writing program (related MoNE curriculum).
• The use of dramatization and drama in the practices of teaching writing can be meaningful in making the learning more effective and permanent.
• Particular attention should be paid to the way the letters are written, the direction and the areas they occupy in a line, and the relationship of uppercase letters to lowercase letters.
• Numbers and punctuation marks are introduced, explanations and applications are made on the areas of use. After all letters, numbers and punctuation marks, applications consisting of words and sentences are made. Appropriate word and line spacing should be taken into account in the application of words and sentences.

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