Make your birth easier with exercises!

Make your birth easier with exercises!

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Exercise is a necessity of healthy life as well as the exercises performed during pregnancy makes the mothers feel better physically. Memorial Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Contact Figen directlyprovides information about the benefits of exercise during pregnancy.

Exercise helps mothers to burn calories, prevents excess weight gain, increases the flexibility of the muscles, circulatory and respiratory system is useful for the proper operation, blood sugar regulation helps. It helps to reduce problems such as insomnia, waist, leg pain and hemorrhoids. Memorial Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology Department Op. Dr. Contact Figen directly “But there isn't enough evidence yet that it affects the delivery time. Pregnant mothers who plan to exercise during pregnancy should be consulted by a physician and trained by specialists. ”

Easiest Exercise Walk

Comfortable, non-sweaty cotton clothing should be worn during the walk and should not exceed 30 minutes. Swimming is also the most recommended sport in pregnancy. In addition, some exercises, especially after the 2nd trimester of pregnancy, increase blood circulation, relieve back and back pain and prepare the mother for birth.

Breathing Exercises

We use both the rib cage and abdominal muscles while breathing. We normally breathe inadvertently. In breathing exercises, we can use our breath more consciously by operating the chest and abdominal muscles separately. Breath-holding, deep breathing and waiting, small breaths (chest breathing only with the chest) is useful during pain. Big breath is beneficial in the straining process.

The right breathing during labor provides less pain and less blood to the baby during uterine contractions, a physiological condition. If the correct breath is taken, more oxygen is provided to the baby. During the pains, small, superficial and during the straining period, the child is pushed by pushing the baby closer to the trunk without breathing deeply. In the meantime, you should not miss the breath and shout.

Inflating the abdomen and unnecessary panic makes birth difficult. Stressing is stopped when the baby's head is rising. Small superficial breaths are taken, otherwise unwanted tears may occur in the vagina. The doctor will warn the mother about this.

Kegel Exercises; It is the strengthening of the muscles around the pelvis, vagina, bladder and rectum. When urinating in the toilet, trying to stop the action can be expressed simply in the form. Kegel exercises are performed several times a day by loosening the perineal muscles within 5-10 seconds after cushioning. Standing, sitting, lying, can be done in any position. Strengthening these muscles facilitates delivery, reduces the need for episodes and is applied after birth, normal vaginal birth that helps to relieve the complaint of relaxation in the perineal region.

Benefits of Yoga and Pilates

The benefits of doing yoga or pilates before birth are also mentioned. Yoga allows you to breathe correctly and use it correctly. Pilates strengthens the muscles in the pelvic region and is useful for recovery of this area after birth.

It is possible to facilitate labor by obtaining help from people who have been trained in this subject after obtaining the approval of the following doctor, especially when normal birth is planned during pregnancy. It is very important that the mother is willing and determined in normal birth. Mothers who adapt to changes in the body, which are physiological but difficult to tolerate, will have the rightful pride of actively delivering their babies with normal birth.


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