What causes Down syndrome?

What causes Down syndrome?

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The issue of the Down-Syndrome has not been clarified so far. Experts in the field say that Down it is a coincidence Down for Down-syndrome. Although various theses have been suggested about the determinants of Down Syndrome, such as maternal age, radiation, troit antibodies, drug and alcohol use, there is no definite one. As a result, chromosome 21 could not be divided for unknown reasons and remained in the new cell.

The maternal age is the only statistical data associated with the frequency of the syndrome. Recent studies have shown that chromosome indivisibility can be caused not only by the mother's egg but also by the father's sperm.

Under 20One in 1700 births
20-25 years old1350 births
25-30 years oldOne in 1150 births
Between 30-35 yearsOne in 700 births
35-40 years oldEvery 250 births
40-45 years oldOne in 70 births
Over 4516 births

* Number of children with Down Syndrome compared to all births

What is the risk of subsequent children with Down's Syndrome?

The answer depends on the type of chromosome change in the child. The risk of recurrence after child birth is less than 1% in Trisomy 21. It does not depend on the age of the parents. In mosaic form, the risk is not high, but there are exceptions.

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