Trendy toddler tees

Trendy toddler tees

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  • Cool t-shirts for little kids

    Clever messages, bold prints, fun characters, and quirky designs take the prize for coolest tees for toddlers. Here are a few of our favorites.

  • Here kitty, kitty

    Cat lover or not, this bold tee is fantastic. Bonus: The black background hides spills.

  • "U" are adorable

    Biome's ever-changing line of alphabet tees is a favorite among parents. "U" has stolen our hearts this season.

  • High-quality and primary colors

    Mini Boden never sacrifices quality for cuteness. Their perfect combination of both in primary colors will still be going strong for the next baby.

  • Vintage is always in

    Will she ever get old? Not in our book! Hello Kitty and tons of pink are always popular on the toddler fashion scene.

  • Simple and sweet

    Even little ones need versatility. This pretty butterfly shirt can be dressed up or down and makes a great layering piece.

  • Classic + character

    Yo ho, yo ho! A red-and-white nautical stripe becomes your little one’s favorite when a gangly pirate creature appears on the front.

  • Extravagant but worth it

    Atsuyo et Akiko is the high-fashion tee of the toddler world. The gold foil lettering on hot pink fabric is outstanding and the super-softness will make her want to wear it every day.

  • Quirky is the new cute

    Little boys will appreciate the expectation this shirt sets. Peek's word tees are clever and sure to make you smile.

  • Super hero status

    Your toddler is a super hero in his or her own mind, so why not wear it right out front?

  • The throwback tee

    Snoopy is a beloved character that every child should know. This subtle tee is a must-have for girls and boys.

  • Stripes are always in style

    A basic striped tee is fun as a layering piece or all on its own. She'll look all grown up in this one.

  • The cheerfulest print

    From a company whose high-quality clothes put the child’s comfort first (no tight necks or scratchy tags), here's a cheerful print you’ll both be happy to see. Comes through the wash looking practically brand new.

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