7 lessons I learned by losing ALL of my twin-baby weight

7 lessons I learned by losing ALL of my twin-baby weight

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Having to lose the weight after a baby can feel a bit like a cruel joke. But then, once your baby has arrived, you can feel like you are left with the remains. And you have zero energy, or time to work on yourself.

During my first two pregnancies, I loved the eating part. I would eat huge meals and would often treat myself to a milkshake, or chocolate bar after. It was bliss. I would gain the weight, (usually at the higher end), that was "allowed," and then I worked hard after each pregnancy to get the weight off.

At 5'2" I have always struggled with that fine line when it came to my weight. So when I found out I was expecting twins, and was instructed to gain more weight than I had during my previous pregnancies, I thought I'd have a blast. Little did I know – between having two babies squishing me, and almost constant "morning sickness" – what lay ahead.

I had to work hard, consuming calories to make sure I was creating a healthy home for my babies. It was a lot of work growing them, and gaining the necessary weight, but I did it.

After my babies were born, I barely recognized myself. I thought I would have at least lost 12 pounds, after two 6 pound humans exited my body. Nope! I had only lost three!

"You have got to be kidding me!" I thought to myself. I took a deep breath, regrouped, and switched my focus to my healthy twins, plus adjusting to life with four kids.

But in that moment, I made myself a promise. I had worked so hard to put on that baby weight and my body had done its job. It was time to give back to my body, so I vowed to get all of the weight I had gained during my twin pregnancy off. But I would approach it with kindness and patience. Guess what... I did it! Here's what I learned along the way.

You can follow my journey as well as tips on how I lost all of the baby weight on my blog, Nesting Story. Also, head to Nesting Story on Facebook (and like) for additional articles and live broadcasts. You can find my transformation photos on my Instagram. On You Tube, I will be talking about, and documenting my journey! See you there!

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