Pooparoos are the toys your kids never knew they needed

Pooparoos are the toys your kids never knew they needed

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Is it just me, or do kids' toys keep getting weirder and weirder?

Granted, I never really "got" the whole let's-see-which-tiny-toys-shaped-like-food-or-animals-or-furniture-with-faces-on-them fad. *Cough* Shopkins *Cough* Hatchimals *Cough* But seriously, what is with all of the poop-themed toys and games these days?

My dad gifted the kids this cat that eats and then poops out kibble while making farting noises. (We've lovingly nicknamed it "Fart Kitty.") The same grandfather bought my son Poo-dough. We also have a fart gun that is nothing but a loud speaker with a trigger that prompts a series of explosive, wet-sounding fart noises. And the games Toilet Trouble and Don't Step In It both sound right up my kids' alley, too.

Apparently, both tiny toy surprises and poop sell when it comes to kids' toys. So why not combine the best of both worlds? From the looks of it, that's exactly what the creators of Pooparoos were thinking.

So here's the lowdown on this quirky toy, which sells for just under 10 bucks at Walmart. Each unit comes with its own toilet, a mystery Pooparoos pet (one of eight figures,) a pooper scooper, and three mystery pieces of "pet food"/poop.

After your kid finds out which Pooparoos pet is hiding in the potty, apparently they add water to the toilet and then pop in the bags of mystery pet food to reveal which tiny foods are inside.

Finally, your kiddo can make his Pooparoos pet eat the food ... and then poop it back out again. Repeat.

Charming little critters, right? (Except, in my opinion, that cupcake looks a little too happy that it's being shot of the Pooparoos pet's butt.) See them in action for yourself, in the video below!

If you're like me, you're probably looking at the calendar and wondering if this is some elaborate April Fool's Day joke. But alas, they are real and people seriously buy them.

And honestly? I'm 100-percent positive that my kids would love them. Because poop is hilarious and surprises are fun. And making your fun surprise poop-out other fun surprises? I hate to say it, but Mattel could really be on to something, here.

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