11 memorable moments most breastfeeding moms can relate to

11 memorable moments most breastfeeding moms can relate to

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For many moms and their newborns, the breastfeeding learning curve is steep -- filled with trial, error, pain, expletives, and tears. But breastfeeding can also come as second nature for a new mama and her baby -- an expert latch right off the bat, no discomfort, and a perfect supply. And then there's everything in between.

So far, I've breastfed three children for a collective 40 months. Although each experience has played out a little differently, I've managed to find myself in some of the same, often amusing, situations. Like ...

1) Being topless for the majority of your postpartum hospital stay. At first, I wrestled with my hospital gown in an attempt to maintain some level of dignity. But then I was like, "Screw it. I'm going for easy-access." I mean, half a dozen doctors/nurses/aides had seen my lady bits already. What's a little boob action at this point?

2) Feeling the rewards of that first milk coma. When my milk finally came in with each of my children, I was so proud. I did it! My baby's belly was full and she was passed out in a drunken state of bliss. What could be better?

3) When baby attempts to nurse through your shirt. Oops. Baby got a little too close to a clothed boob and went for it. Here, my daughter became slightly distracted by the goods during tummy time on mama's chest.

4) When your baby tries to manually "adjust" your nipple. "Hey, is this thing broken?" *Twist*

5) Getting a baby ear print on your arm. When your baby zonks out while nursing and stays in one position for too long, this happens. Your very own baby ear indent!

6) Surviving the "yank-and-twist." You know what happens when a sudden noise distracts your baby while she's latched? Yeah, that.

7) When you forget your breast pads. Ugh. The worst is leaking through your shirt at work. Lactation stains at the gym are pretty awkward, too. "Don't mind me ... I just have the most awkward nipple sweat in the world ... ?"

8) Your pet crashing a nursing session. My cat, Frank, loves getting in on the snuggling action while my baby breastfeeds. It's super annoying, but also super cute ... sometimes.

9) Older siblings "feeding" dolls and/or stuffed animals just like mama does. My middle child loved playing mama with her dolls while I was feeding her newborn baby sister. You go, girl.

10) That moment when your baby realizes Daddy is different. Sorry, sweetie. Daddy doesn't lactate. Not from his nipple, nor from his arm, nor from the tip of his nose. He wishes he could, believe me.

11) The nipple-in-the-eye nap. You'll know it when you see it.

Photos: Michelle Stein

This post was originally published in February of 2017.

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