First meeting with your baby

First meeting with your baby

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Do you know what your baby can do for a few days? Let's learn together.
it can lift the head slightly. Move the arms and legs of both sides of the body equally
It can move. Can focus on objects at a distance of 16-30 cm. Your newborn is born with some reflexes. These,
after birth it will be checked by your doctor as it is an indicator of the baby's development.

What your baby does

Startled or moro reflex:
Sudden loud sound or a feeling of falling (for example, holding the baby by the hands
the baby's legs, arms and fingers suddenly stretched, like a spring backwards.
stretching, throwing his head back, then pulling his arms back towards the chest causes his fists.
This reflex is observed in the first 4 months after birth.
Babinski reflex: When the sole of the toe is drawn from the heel to the toe, the big toe raises and the other
fingers open like a fan. This reflex can normally be seen up to 12 months.
Search and suction reflex:The baby with a lightly touched cheek turns to the direction of the stimulus, opens his mouth and is ready to suck
It passes. This reflex is also seen in 3-4 months, you can also see this reflex even when the baby is sleeping.
Walking or stepping reflex: Baby standing under the seat, supported on a table or on a smooth surface
raises one leg and then the other as if stepping on; this reflex after the fourth day
Evident. This reflex lasts an average of 2 months. However, the presence of this reflex does not indicate that the baby will walk early. This situation
can be observed in almost any healthy baby.
Capture reflex: With the baby's face facing forward, arms folded and the index finger squeezed into the palm
The baby's hand is bent to hold the finger. Catching in newbornsare strong enough to support whole body weight
can. This reflex lasts for 3 months.
Tonic nape reflex: When lying on its back, the baby tilts its head to one side, extending the arm and leg forward
and bends the limbs in the opposite direction. In short, it takes a defensive position. Burefleks starts at the second week after birth and
can continue until.
You can try to see these reflexes in your baby. But your results are as healthy as your doctor's.
will not. Therefore, if you do not see a reflex, consult your doctor.


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