Foods with Vitamins and Minerals for Your Baby

Foods with Vitamins and Minerals for Your Baby

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Hello, How are you? I hope you are very good!
We are together with a brand new topic! Your baby today for health, for growth and development I will talk about very, very important nutrients.
Before moving on to these nutrients, which is very important for your baby, should we talk about the importance of vitamins and minerals for your baby?
I think you'il want to read it!

Importance of Vitamins and Minerals for Babies

We all want healthy growth and development of our baby, right? So how do we make it happen?
The rule is simple;
Adequate and balanced nutrition
Quality nutrition
and as a result your baby will get into the tiny bodyvitamins and minerals.

American Diet Association, He says that proper vitamins and minerals are necessary for a strong immune system that prevents diseases and reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

5 nutrients that strengthen the immune system! You can review our article. Click the link below.

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Vitamins and minerals for the development of your baby's growth; It is very very important for the development of appetite, teeth, bone development, intelligence.
Here are the benefits of some vitamins and minerals to your baby;

Vitamin and Mineral Guide
Vitamin A;It is effective in eye and skin health. Strengthens the immune system.
C vitamin;Required for bones and teeth. Provides protection against infections.
Vitamin D;Provides absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It is important for bone development.
Calcium;Helps healthy bone and tooth development. Strengthens muscle and nervous system.
Iron;Provides oxygen transport in the blood. Prevents anemia.
Magnesium;It is necessary for cell regeneration and healthy bones.

Vitamins and Mineral Storage Foods


Well now! Vitamins and minerals are the most important nutrients in the egg.
Eggs have the highest quality protein content after breast milk.
It contains almost all the nutrients a person needs, and so your baby support for growth and development is happening.
Egg yolk of your baby In the 7th month You can give. By following the rule of 3 days. Since egg allergy is quite high, we do not give before the age of 1 year.
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Milk and milk products

Milk and dairy products calcium storage and that your baby bone, tooth development It is very important for you all know.
The miracle content of milk and dairy products is not only limited to calcium mineral but also very good protein, folic acid, vitamin A, B The tank.
Calcium stored in the bones at a young age can be used for life! Babies consumption of milk and dairy products Can you imagine the importance?


If your baby does not consume milk and dairy products, do not worry! Spinach at least as much as milk and dairy products calcium storage!
Spinach is a scrumptious source if you want your baby's muscles and bones to get as strong as Popeye!
You should be aware of this kind of vegetables loss of vitamins and minerals protect.
Therefore, instead of chopping vegetables with a knife, you can cut them with your hand.
Vegetables are fresh and cooking water is not discarded in terms of vitamins and minerals loss is also very important!


Avocado is known as the most excellent food in the world. Very cool!
So let's examine what makes the avocado so unique.
Plenty of contentiron, calcium, folate, vitamin E, potassium and avocado content health store Doing!
One of the ideal sources for the development of your baby avocado Soft texture to the mouth of the little ones! To make the nutritional content of avocado even more nutritious, I recommend mixing it with curd cheese.


Molasses is an iron warehouse! your baby red blood cell support.
Molasses is also very valuable in terms of minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.
Blood-forming property and power supply Having molasses makes it more cool.
In the 9th month, you can start with blood-making molasses instead of sugar, which is an empty source of energy.
The sooner your baby finds out about the taste of sugar, the better.
Plenty of healthy days.
Nutritionist Beyza Uyan

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