Parents Should Read These Books!

Parents Should Read These Books!

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Book Recommendations for Parents

In fact, parents start an adventure from the moment they decide to have a baby… It is very important to learn about parenting, to know what you will encounter before you experience this experience, and to prepare for this process!

We wish you to learn about your baby's development and health.

Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Care Book

The book “Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Care Bakım written by Ayşe Öner is actually a book that includes the birth and the adventures after the birth başlayan

We are talking about Gülben Ergen, mother of 3 children who made a very good comment about this book and its author Ayşe Öner.

Ay A heart touching the heart is Ayşe. The mother of mothers yaşayan Ayşe, the living angel of all babies. My name, doctor, everyone, everyone, everyone said Ayşe Öner, ne As much as I have read and researched for my first birthday, Ayşe Öner told me bana Ms. Ayşe is a person who gives so much confidence that our first lesson and the continuation came back gel Each phase of the nine months tek the role and importance of breathing correctly önem The real reasons for the changes in my whole body and soul ini The importance of normal birth… I learned a lot from mother's milk to my baby's first bath. Each page is valuable, formed with years of experience and knowledge. It will be an indispensable guide book for mothers and expectant mothers. Ben Gülben Ergen

Baby Sign Language - Yasemin Yusufoff

In Baby Sign Language, Yasemin Yusufoff is full of suggestions to make sure that your baby can communicate with you before your baby has just started speaking!

The author of the book tells us about his experiences with his own daughter after years of research.

Do you know?

Babies who use Baby Sign Language cry less and have higher IQ levels than other babies İşaret 

Great Weeks

Dr. Hetty Von De Rijz and Dr. In Frans Plooij's Great Weeks book, you will learn about your baby's week-to-week development, perhaps you will have the opportunity to read the process you are experiencing simultaneously…

If you want to look at the world through the eyes of your baby, you should read the book Great Weeks!

Miracle Solutions for New Mothers

“Tracy Hogg gives parents a real gift - the ability to comprehend their children's habits early in life……
Los Angeles Family

This commentary summarizes the book in a very good way. The book M Miracle Solutions for New Mothers ver gives suggestions to make every family member's life easier. The information you need to raise your baby, even as the name of the book "solutions" offers.

Miracle Solutions for Baby Care Problems

Another book written by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau, the authors of the book M Miracle Solutions to New Mothers kitap is entitled M Miracle Solutions to Baby Care Problems….

With the book that offers incredible solutions to mothers and fathers, you will realize the competencies of your babies…

Another interesting detail is that babies come to the world as bosses, and the ways in which we are told in our book are not to lose control to these tiny bosses…

Week Week Pregnancy

The period you need this book is the period you just started your adventure…

Our mothers will learn this miraculous 9 months week by week, read their experiences and changes in their body. In fact, he will relax as he learns and it will be good for them to know what developments are waiting for them in the coming weeks…

The happiest baby in the neighborhood

Turn the cranky baby into the happiest baby in the neighborhood?

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? This book gives suggestions on this. Harvey Karp…

What are the ways to stop your newborn crying and sleep longer? You can learn by reading this book…

Will that plate finish?

As the name suggests, this book asks the question “That plate will end! Bu…

It describes BLW, the feeding method known as Baby-led Weaning, and asks you to forget all the mythologies in baby feeding.

Baby nutritionist Gill Rapley, written by Tracey Markett, this book is a book you'll definitely consult and learn a lot if you have a baby going to supplement food.

Stay French with your baby!

There are some books, their names tell themselves ”eser Stay in French with your baby bir

Pamela Druckerman's work, translated into 27 languages, is a record-breaking book. At the same time, our author is an American, but as the name of the book suggests, he tells us about French parenting…

Reading books gives people a completely different world, presents different perspectives okumak Reading books at every stage of life is very valuable, but parenting, baby care and health are as important to parents as they are to add to this world, closely related to their children. ...

Books do not only provide experiences and information about parenting.

Children take their reading habits from their parents.

Happy days to be a good example for our children…

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