7 Evidence that Mothers Become Superheroes While Breastfeeding!

7 Evidence that Mothers Become Superheroes While Breastfeeding!

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7 Evidence that Mothers Become Superheroes While Breastfeeding!

Your motherhood adventure begins with pregnancy and continues to your child no matter how old she is. the most beautiful feelings It is a way that allows you to taste.

Every mother is actually a superhero.

As you feed, educate, raise and protect your child from all kinds of dangers mother instinct sometimes you perform even surprised yourself.

When you think that you have survived the most difficult part of the birth, we want to remind you that everything has just begun; because breastfeeding can force mothers as much as birth.

Of course there will be minor troubles; This is the salt pepper.

Ik We're used to it, we're getting used to it… Okay, no more breastfeeding! ” By the time of breastfeeding, mothers turn into heroes.

While you are trying to find the ideal breastfeeding position for your baby and you, you can go from shape to shape!

Especially in the first weeks until you and your baby get to know each other and get used to Breastfeeding positions It is very normal for you to experience tides.

Immediately after birth, nurses and breastfeeding counselors will assist you with how to breastfeed your baby in the hospital. But when you come home and you're on your own, you'll learn a little about what position your baby suckles in the most comfortable position, and what position you can both be comfortable with.

Considering that newborns need to suck frequently during the day, it is highly likely that you will enter different shapes during the day and at night.

As a result, the child can choose to absorb at different angles according to his pleasure. The golden rule of motherhood is that ebilir mothers can take any shape, anywhere, anytime. ”

Fear a mother who needs an item out of the reach of her while she is feeding her!

Must be one of the troubles that mothers are most nervous. Your phone starts ringing when you catch the right position and start breastfeeding your baby two steps away or you want to reach the remote control of the television.

He's just standing at that table, but you can't keep up with your hands. Trying to push with your foot, pulling yourself to the tip of the cushion and sucking your baby at the same time.

Your brain may encourage you to use different techniques. There is no way to reach that item without disturbing your little cub.

Nutrition recommendations during breastfeeding

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Sometimes you even hear your baby's voice to produce milk for your body.

Every mother wants to breastfeed her baby for as long as possible. With the birth of your body begins to release milk, and as you continue to breastfeed your baby increases production.

By your nature; your hormones trigger and activate your body to produce more milk when you touch your baby, breast-feed it, or when your baby cries.

In short, every time you hear your baby's voice to produce milk you can become a maternal mother and this is a special ability only for you breastfeeding mothers.

To feed your baby, chest pains with nipple stretch marks especially against all kinds of pain.

One of the biggest problems of breastfeeding periods is the cracks and sores in the nipples and the pain in the breasts.

This issue is the most difficult fresh mothers. When your baby is sucking increased sensitivity with cracks It may occur. The pain that occurs when your breasts are overfilled with milk can sometimes force you.

Inflammation and infections of the milk ducts, such as mastitis, may occur. However, you do not want to deprive your baby from your milk, and you will continue to breastfeed, even if you suffer.

Because seeing your baby's stomach is saturated will make you forget all your pain. In addition, let's not miss this, there are ways to prevent cracks and mastitis.

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When you are breastfeeding your baby, you learn to do other things at the same time.

Breastfeeding is different for each baby until your baby is 2 years old an ongoing process. When this period extends so long, it is inevitable that mothers will turn breastfeeding into a part of their lives.

Since you will not be able to determine when your baby will get hungry; while you are cooking, working on the computer, or spending some time with yourself; for example, when reading a book, even doing makeup it is even possible to get hungry.

You may need to do several tasks at the same time. As time goes by, you'll realize that you've mastered it even more.

Especially working mothers can be integrated with milking pumps.

Motherhood is a difficult craft, and if you are a working mother, there are many things you need to keep up with. Business life, chores, babysitting super power as you can find.

As the mothers who need to go back to working life while your babies continue to suckle, the most important tool is the milking pumps; they help you to milk your baby while sitting, relaxing or even working.

Thus, your milk will not stay in your breasts for a long time and will not cause pain and milk release will continue. You should also remember that you are allowed to breastfeed during the day.

In short, 'I make a career in children; both work and breastfeed ' You might say.

When you have to breastfeed your little baby out there is no talent for you.

There are times when; your little puppy's feeding time comes, but there is no suitable area around where you can breastfeed her. Expecting children to be hunger-resistant like adults would be an unwarranted expectation. Timely and adequate nutrition is also very important for their development.

So when you're out, you're lucky if you're in a mall. Because these places have separate baby rooms where you can feed your baby and take care of your baby. But things don't always go so well.

You may also need to breastfeed your angel while in a cafe, park or public transport.

You can create your own privacy zone by choosing to use special breastfeeding aprons that allow you to breastfeed comfortably when you are out.

If you don't have that apron, it might be time to get your skills up. A superhero mother will find a way to feed one offspring everywhere under any circumstances.

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