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Why doesn't my baby walk?

Why doesn't my baby walk?

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What can you do for your baby to walk?

In the absence of an underlying health problem, parents can:

• First of all, the baby should be encouraged to walk and should be given the opportunity to walk.
• The goods it is holding should be secured and it should not be prevented from standing up.
• Should not be reddened or forced when walking resistance.
• Do not sit too much during the day, walking exercises at home and outside should be done.
• To strengthen the foot and leg muscles, it should be allowed to walk around the house with bare feet or non-slip socks.
• Do not wear tight, heavy shoes that are unsuitable for foot health.
• When he attempts to walk, he must be attracted by extending a toy and reaching the toy.
• The walker should not be used as it will delay the child's ability to act independently.
• Cloth and clothing should not be tight enough to prevent walking.

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