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All Questions About Newborn Babies

All Questions About Newborn Babies

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It is a fact that parents are inexperienced when a baby is born. Crying, sleeping, eating, washing… It's a mystery especially for mothers.Child Health and Diseases Specialist Contact özlem directly In this article, the answers to many questions that come into mind.

How should a newborn be hospitalized?

A newborn baby should be placed on its side. Thus, sudden infant deaths due to prone laying and drowning with saliva and vomit due to supine laying can be prevented.

How to Create a Sleep Pattern?

Baby when he is born, he cannot know the distinction between day and night, because there is no day or night in the womb. He can sleep all day and stay awake all night. To prevent this, keep the baby in plenty of light, moving, audible environments during the day, talk to her when changing, breastfeeding or music You must listen. On the contrary, you should be quiet when breastfeeding, changing the diaper in a dimly lit, quiet environment, and thus teaching the baby the difference between day and night.

What are the points to be considered in the bottom cleaning of the baby's first days?

Newborn a baby's skin is very sensitive. For bottom cleaning, alcohol-free, pH-balanced, sensitive products should be used. You should clean your diaper about every 3 hours, you shouldn't leave your poo. Water is also a good alternative for bottom cleaning. After cleaning the gold, you should dry it with a cheesecloth or a soft tissue, and use pure olive oil or a suitable care cream to both feed and create a protective barrier.

How should umbilical cleansing be performed?

The umbilical cord allows the baby to exchange nutrients and oxygen from the mother. Birth the umbilical cord is cut appropriately. After a while, the baby's part cannot be fed. This period is between 3 days and 10 days on average. The umbilical cord should be kept very clean because infections can have serious consequences. Dressing should be done at least twice a day and covered with sterile gauze to prevent contact with poo and pee. Dressing The most suitable material for 70% alcohol. However, mersol or betadine may also be used according to the conditions at that time.

What should be the room temperature of a newborn?

The average room temperature for a newborn is 22 degrees. Premature higher temperature is recommended. After the newborn period, the room temperature should be between 18-22 degrees Celsius. The humidity in the air decreases and the defense mechanism of the baby's respiratory tract is damaged.

How to Dress in Seasons?

The newborn infant may become more cold at first as it does not fully adapt to the external environment. In particular, hands and feet may require heating with gloves and booties. The hat may cause seborrheic dermatitis (host of the public) in the scalp. Therefore, we do not prefer much. The baby's underwear should be pure combed in all seasons, and there must be a combed overalls outside. Newborn baby Complete overalls should not be preferred. In winter, it is appropriate to have a mercerized or fine wool vest on the baby. Flannel in winter, combed blankets in summer should be preferred. Plenty of fluffy blankets should be avoided.

When should the first bathroom be built?

There is no special time for the first bath of the newborn. The belly can be washed without falling down, provided that the belly looks good. The newborn baby should be washed every day, especially after the belly falls. The bath water can average 38 degrees.

How should the baby be washed?

When washing a newborn baby, the ambient temperature may be around 26 degrees. 38 degrees of water filled with baby bath foam is placed in the baby bath. The baby's head is left out and inserted into the bathtub vertically. The body is washed briefly and quickly with a cheesecloth. The head is also washed with baby shampoo. The water is poured to the back of the head of the baby and quickly wrapped with a towel. The baby bath must comply with the standard dimensions. Inside the washing net can be used.

What should be the bath temperature?

Bath temperature body temperature should be 37-38 degrees.

What precautions should be taken against gas problem?

Gas pains are the most observed problems in infants. They suck, depending on the air they swallow. The protein structure of breast milk can also be effective. When mothers are breastfeeding, not only the nipples, but also the whole brown tissue in the breast can be fed to the baby's mouth, allowing them to swallow less gas. It is good to degass the baby for a long time after each breastfeeding. For this purpose, the baby is held upright on the lap of the mother and stroked. Burp the stomach gas from the mouth. Despite all the precautions taken, applying a lightly heated towel to the belly of a baby in gas pains and cycling the legs can work.

In which cases should a doctor apply?

If the newborn baby has jaundice, he has not urinated for the first 24 hours, he has not pooped for the first 48 hours, if he has severe vomiting, if there is fever, if he is unwilling to suck, if he does not cry, he should consult a doctor. After sucking, the baby vomits a little, especially when the gas is removed; this is normal vomiting. Vomiting, which is pathological, is vomiting which may also be unrelated to gushing feeding.

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