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When is newborn jaundice at risk?

When is newborn jaundice at risk?

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Neonatal jaundice occurs in 60% of premature infants and 80% of premature infants. Not all jaundice is a precursor to damage, but uncontrolled and prolonged jaundice causes permanent damage. Medistate Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Specialist Fatma Cakmak Steel, gave information about the newborn jaundice.

Does neonatal jaundice harm the baby?

Dr Fatma Çakmak Çelik said that most of the newborn jaundice is physiological and does not require treatment. However, although this is the case, this period should be regularly supervised by doctors and nurses. Because at any moment the level of bilirubin in the blood can rise too high and cause brain damage. ” When late in the treatment of newborn jaundice, a disease called kernicterus can be seen in the baby, Dr Fatma Cakmak Celik, slow movements, weak cries, weak and reluctant suckings, slow reflexes, vomiting and fever should be consulted when the symptoms are seen in the baby.

Pathological jaundice requires further examination and treatment

Physiological jaundice is seen after the first 24 hours, without the need for treatment indicating spontaneous Dr. Fatma Çakmak Çelik, “Pathological jaundice begins in the first 24 hours and is a condition that requires treatment. It takes 1 week for a newborn and 2 weeks for a premature baby. Blood mismatches, the mother's infection in pregnancy, drug use in pregnancy, birth trauma may be the cause of pathological jaundice. Whether it is seen within 24 hours is very important for the diagnosis, because it has a distinctive feature. If this process cannot be sure, I would suggest that the baby is completely stripped and checked with a naked eye on a window in daylight. ”

Which babies should pay more attention to jaundice?

- Premature babies - Bleeding under the scalp during childbirth - Those with jaundice detected in 24 hours - Babies who have problems with sucking and those who do not feed well - Jaundice lasting longer than 2 weeks - Those who have been cuddled enough to require light therapy during infancy of their older siblings

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