Thyroid laziness during pregnancy (hypothyroidism)

Thyroid laziness during pregnancy (hypothyroidism)

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The most obvious reason for thyroid laziness in pregnancy “Hashimoto
(Hashimoto) ”disease. This disease is an autoimmune disease. And this,
our immune system does not recognize our own thyroid gland, it is a virus, a
bacteria, a germ or a foreign body is to create antibodies. Normal
conditions, antibody, blood leukocytes, ie, white cells, tissues
Plasmocytes are the substances that cells produce for the defense of the body.
AntiTPO and antiTG antibodies in Hashimoto's disease damage the thyroid gland
It makes.

This affects both the mother and the baby during pregnancy. Diagnosis
for; low levels of free T4 in blood, high levels of TSH
must. In such a case the patient is examined, thyroid ultrasonography and all
Hasimoto (Hashimoto) tests are performed. These are free T4, free T3, TSH,
antiTPO and antithyroglobulin tests. According to the results of the initiation of treatment
or not to start. According to these results, the expectant mother
should go for an examination. Thyroid gland of mother in hypothyroidism
drug treatment should be done because it can not work.

Long-term hypothyroidism, thyroid laziness or
If you have Hashimoto's disease, the dose of the drug can be increased. That's why
endocrinology specialist for monitoring thyroid and goiter patients during pregnancy
must be done by.

In the case of hypothyroidism, the patient has symptoms and blood tests.
free T4 is low and TSH level is high. Hypothyroidism in pregnancy
is uncommon and has the following negative consequences:

· Early

· Low
weighted birth

· High
caesarean section

· Birth
risk of the baby after pregnancy and consequently the risk of death

· Children
future neuropsychological and cognitive disorders

· Birth
bleeding after

· Pre-eclampsia
and hypertension in pregnancy

· Placenta
tear before birth

How is hypothyroidism diagnosed during pregnancy?

Definitive diagnosis can be made by blood tests. The first three of pregnancy
If the TSH level is 2.5 mU / L and above, the TSH level after the fourth month
3 mU / L and above are hypothyroidism. Free T4 with high TSH levels
subclinical hypothyroidism, both TSH high and free T4 low
however, there is obvious hypothyroidism. The level of TSH that may mislead this diagnosis
The use of drugs that elevate, should not be other disease than thyroid.

How to treat?

With levothyroxine for optimal mother and baby health
treatment should be performed. If the disease first appeared in pregnancy
treatment can be made during the period of treatment and then discontinued. Disease from pregnancy
this medication is usually used for life
takes. If the patient has already taken the drugs in question
may need an increase.

As long as the disease is monitored, it will have no effect and
pregnancy will go smoothly.

If the thyroid is slow during pregnancy and diagnosed,
If the treatment is not done on time, IQ
may not reach the level. Learning difficulties in the future, communication
disorders may develop. Therefore goiter, before pregnancy or during pregnancy
TSH should be measured and thyroid test should be done.
people should be prescribed the necessary treatment.

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