Hepatitis b vaccine during pregnancy

Hepatitis b vaccine during pregnancy

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Hepatitis-B, HBV virus in different ways to enter the body and
especially in the liver, causing serious damage to the region.
is a serious disease. Adults who have had hepatitis-B,
The disease may become chronic in 5-10% and in 70% of children.

Hepatitis-B virus, blood, salivary, sexual
pathway (semen) and after passing from mother to infant
Disease. Symptoms of the disease are very mild. It is generally thought to be influenza.
Fatigue, weakness, pain in the whole body, loss of appetite, nausea and
There are symptoms such as vomiting. Hepatitis-B virus and skin
Jaundice is seen in the mucosa.

Hepatitis-B disease is easy and fast with simple tests
can be learned in a way and is an important disease. Therefore, all
In pregnant women, screening tests for this disease should be performed. Thus,
disease or carrier status of the pregnant
necessary measures are taken to protect the HbsAg is known as AntiHbs tests.

Will it pass to the baby?

Hepatitis-B during pregnancy
is not seen in a different way than non-person. Disease, unborn baby
Although there is no negative effect of the virus found in the mother, through the placenta
transmission to the baby is also rare. Transmission of the virus from mother to baby
during; it is transmitted by the baby coming into contact with the mother's body fluids.

Hepatitis-B disease, strictly at the beginning of pregnancy
The condition of the mother should be checked with screening tests. If the mother is a carrier
transmission of the virus to the baby during birth is high. In such cases
Hepatitis-B vaccine to the baby immediately after birth, within 48 hours
It should be done.

During pregnancy, treatment of hepatitis-B, pregnant
is not different from people. Rest, a special liver protective diet
and may be treated with vitamins that support the condition. Hepatitis-B in Pregnancy
vaccine is not routinely administered. Vaccination before pregnancy
beginners should have completed the remaining doses during pregnancy.
Hepatitis-B vaccine should be given for pregnant women in risk group.

Active disease during pregnancy or lactation
mothers should not breastfeed their babies. The cause of the virus from breast milk,
This is because the baby can be transmitted by mouth. Breastfeeding of mothers
or there is no clear information about breastfeeding, but generally

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