Eczema during pregnancy

Eczema during pregnancy

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Many of us eczema We have heard, seen or lived the discomfort called. You mothers in the mind 'if I'm eczema, I wonder if my baby? The question can often come to mind.

Primarily eczema; It is the condition that the skin reacts with inflammation due to various factors. It manifests itself as itching and rash. Most common skin disease however, it is a condition that even medicine cannot determine the cause and the exact treatment. This disease; oily skin, contact eczema, allergic and nervous. The most common form of eczema, hereditary allergic eczema. Eczema is a disease that can manifest itself in the form of long- or short-term attacks and may reappear in winter while recovering in summer.

Types and Symptoms of Eczema

Acute Period Eczema:

In this period, regional swelling, flushing and swelling occurs in the form of water. Severe itching and burning are seen.

Subacute DImportance of Eczema

During this period again serious itch together, tiny crusts and dandruff on the skin occur.

Chronic Term Eczema

The highest level of eczema is this period. The skin dries and thickens. At the same time, skin cracks and discoloration react. We mentioned that it started with redness and itching in eczema. When you scratch the eczema area with these symptoms infection may cause pain due to bleeding and inflammation.

Eczema during pregnancyis a very common discomfort. During this period, hormonal changes in your body may react to your skin. Substances that do not constitute a problem before your pregnancy, allergic effects during pregnancy can cause eczema. Therefore, you should avoid heavy-smelling and chemical products. At the same time, changes such as temperature and humidity can trigger the eczema.

You should keep your skin as moist as possible to prevent eczema during pregnancy. You should avoid scratching places with eczema. You can alleviate your itching by applying cold compresses to the eczema area. Another important element is that you should stay away from clothes that allergically irritate your skin. You should also not use eczema cream during pregnancy. Do you have eczema during your pregnancy? As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, this disease can sometimes be chronic and hereditary. Therefore, it is useful to keep this condition under control. For the health of you and your beautiful baby, we recommend you to be treated with an expert physician's examination soon and we wish you a healthy life with your baby.


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