Does dental health affect the baby?

Does dental health affect the baby?

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During pregnancy, the expectant mother is very careful about feeding
Show must. As long as he gives importance to oral and dental care,
It does not have a different tooth problem than times. However, during pregnancy
importance of oral and dental health with changing balance of hormones
if not shown, there may be problematic changes in the mouth.

Acid in blood and saliva during pregnancy
Tooth decay can also be seen because the rate increases. At the same time gums
It is also a risky process in terms of disorders. Because of that
consumption of vitamins A, C, D during pregnancy
is required. It contains not only vitamins but also calcium and phosphorus
consumption of foods, but also important role in the development of the baby's bones and teeth.

Ways to protect your dental health
Before getting pregnant, the mother who wants to be a mother in terms of oral and dental health
to have a more comfortable pregnancy during pregnancy.
It provides.

Contrary to popular belief, calcium during pregnancy
indestructible So the mother's teeth decay, not for this reason.
decayed for another reason. Some of these reasons, the mother
importance of oral and dental care after nausea and vomiting during the first months
It is not. Estrogen and progesterone hormones in the gums
toothbrushing should not be neglected due to bleeding.

Development of the baby in the first trimester
In this respect, the expectant mother should avoid dental treatment. Made between 4-6 months
There is no harm in dental treatment. However,
you must not act voluntarily. Too much for your health
to be applied for dental and oral health which is not of great importance and cannot be urgent
treatment is the most correct behavior to be treated after childbirth.

For toothache or other condition during pregnancy
you should never use the medication without consulting your doctor.
Antibiotics used for dental treatment include tetracycline
medications can be harmful to the baby in the womb. However in penicillin
antibiotics are not harmful to the baby.

Oral and dental health of mothers during pregnancy
The most important thing to do is to prevent tooth brushing. Tooth
if not brushed, bacteria accumulate in the teeth and gums;
swelling, redness and bleeding.

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