Water consumption during pregnancy

Water consumption during pregnancy

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Adequate water consumption is very important for both maternal and infant health.
Approximately 3 liters of water should be consumed daily during pregnancy. This
approximately 10-12 cups. Pregnant mothers especially bellies
After growing up, they often go to the kitchen to drink water. This
therefore, it is recommended that they always have a water bottle with them. with you
that you consume plenty of water during the day
You can observe. You can also monitor how much water you drink with these bottles.
it becomes simpler. Counting glasses with water bottle is often forgotten
measurement will be more healthy.

When should you increase water consumption?

Water consumption should be increased in summer. Because sweating is too much liquid
loss is also too much. Pregnant women engaged in sports and exercise
then drink plenty of water. Fruit
Excessive consumption of juice, tea, coffee and acidic beverages is not recommended because
cause both unnecessary calorie intake and caffeine content
with high levels of urine excretion. These drinks are taken with liquid from the body
easily thrown.

How can you tell if you are consuming enough water?

The color of the urine can tell you how much water you drink. Your urine color is dark
If you do not have enough water consumption or sweating most of the drink
through. You should consume more water. Your urine color is light
usually the fluid you receive is sufficient. Still all the mothers are 8-10 cups
should not be under water consumption.

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