What you need to know about the psychology of children aged 0-5!

What you need to know about the psychology of children aged 0-5!

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0-1 YearsThe period of one year from birth to crawling or even walking is called “infancy“. This first year of the child is the most important period of his life. Because it learns the most basic emotions in a year. He tries to hold on to life with his very limited mobility. Learning speed and skill develops much faster than the ability to do. Their social skills consist of crying. Express his needs through crying. In particular, shows a serious commitment to the mother. An article, toys, blanket, such as the behavior of connecting objects. This object, called the “transition object”, gives them a sense of being safe. The transition object allows a child who has not passed to the real world to make a smooth transition to the real world. He cannot differentiate that he is different from the mother in the first months, but begins to recognize that he is different in the following months.2 YearsThe most important feature of this period is that the child insists on his wishes and initiatives. For this reason, it is also called 2-year-old syndrome. It moves rapidly in terms of emotional and social development. Starting to go to children's parks is his first socializing steps. This age is the period when the foundations of self-confidence were laid. Continuous “no çevril to turn around, the restriction of each movement prevents the formation of sufficient self-confidence. Therefore, a safe environment should be prepared in which it can move freely. Exaggeration should also be avoided in doing so. Prevents what they did not succeed in the previous period and when it encounters resistance and resistance in repeated trials in 2 years. This may be persistent, persistent, even aggressive. At the end of the year, vital skills improved considerably. It is important for parents to be role models because children learn through imitation during this period, to pay attention to the ways of communication, not to be persistent with the child, not to be overly tolerant, to give opportunity to experience development and individualization. In short, it is a process whose duration is determined according to parental attitudes. During this period, it was observed that families frequently asked for expert help. However, this assistance is directed towards reviewing parental behavior and attitudes rather than children.3 yearsThe child discovers his ego, that is, his self. This discovery cannot be good, and if successful cannot be overcome, a selfish personality, which society calls egoist, can emerge. It is a period of rapid social development. Play imaginary games. They experience rapid emotion changes. For example, when he loves his baby, he can start hitting him. From time to time may show infantile behavior. However, it is important not to reinforce them. Weeping and making something cry again during this period begins to be seen. Another characteristic of children in this age period is that they are detective. Because they are very curious and constantly ask the same questions over and over. Why, why, who is ...4 yearsThe child has reached what we can call the Dün Dream World ”. Because they are fond of dreaming. Attitudes and behaviors towards attracting attention are in this period. In this period in which self-confidence is developed, inappropriate behaviors and discourses can be found among others. In such cases, critical speeches should be avoided in public and warned and explained for reasons of discomfort. An increase in fears such as being alone, being afraid of the darkness and the insect can be observed. In this period, children like to be independent, to take responsibility and to be approved. It is important to reinforce these feelings and attitudes in accordance with their age. Their curiosity still continues, but the question patterns have changed and often asks “why? Yaş. It should not be forgotten that even if children are siblings, they are different individuals and mature at different rates. Just like the corn in the same pot and each of the corns exposed to the same heat explode in a different time period. For this reason, it is important that the chosen kindergarten and age group are suitable for the child.5 years oldDuring this period, his stubbornness has diminished, but he constantly asks questions. The meaning of words, like how they came into the world. These questions should not be passed, they should be answered with age-appropriate explanations. They distinguish between reality and imagination. They are more compliant. They are more interested in the external environment. Positive relationships should be established with the child. Due to the need to socialize, they should be given opportunities to spend time with their peers. Express their feelings and thoughts. For this, the opportunity to express should be given, the wrong and the truth should be discussed.

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