Treatment of lazy eye in children

Treatment of lazy eye in children

Eye laziness is a common, widely spoken, but little known issue in society. Ophthalmologist Specialist at Universal Kadıköy Hospital of the Universal Hospitals Group View Giray's Full Profile Noting that there is no problem in children, it is necessary to have an eye examination in the preschool age of 3.5 - 4 years. The reason for being examined at these ages is that we can measure vision levels because children can express themselves. ”

Eye Laziness Can Be Treated Up To 7 Years Old!

Eye laziness is very difficult to detect by parents. The disease can only be detected by a detailed eye examination. Universal Kadıköy Hospital Ophthalmologist Giray Güneyli “Eye examination does not have a certain age. The child with the complaint can be examined at any age. The success rate in early lazy eye is much higher. The sooner the treatment is started, the more successful the result will be. The most successful results are obtained until the age of 7 years. If the diagnosis of lazy eye is made in a timely manner, the intact eye is closed, the necessary eyeglass is given, and the signal seen by the blurred eye is given to the brain. It is aimed to gradually improve the vision in the eye. ”

Sleeping, soothing medications can be used for children who do not allow eye examination, and if these methods cannot be obtained with effective results, Dr. Southerner, even if there is no complaint of children until the age of 3-4 at least once should have undergone eye examination, he stressed.

More than one difference between the two eyes or high astigmatism, myopia or hyperopia in each eye; eyelid lowness can also create the lazy eye by closing the visual axis. Dr. Southern çocuklar Children who are not treated at the time of lazy eye may develop serious and permanent visual defects and may lose depth perception; if illness or injury occurs in the normal eye, it may result in lifelong vision. ”

Will the Use of Glasses Be Effective in the Treatment of Eye Laziness?

The basic treatment of eye laziness related to the need for glasses is that the child needs to wear the appropriate number of glasses, close the good eye and force the lazy eye to see.