Sleep period in play period children

Sleep period in play period children

Young children often want to stay awake and play instead of sleeping, especially if they have older sisters or older brothers. However, a child between 1-4 years of age needs 10-12 hours of sleep per day.

What can you do to help your child develop good sleeping habits?

1- The child should have a quiet time before sleeping. The child must have a pleasant but not exciting routine. (reading books, lullabies, such as a warm bath) Routines to children and do something at the same time every day is very good. The pre-sleep routine also reminds you that the sleep time is due. If parents are coming home late, it may be tempting to play with the child at bedtime, but it should be noted that active games may miss the child's sleep. Before sleeping, there should be no stimuli such as television or computer games.

2-Consistent sleep time should be tried to determine. The child will eventually adapt to it.

3-It may be helpful if your child sleeps with a relaxing toy or blanket. But make sure that this toy is safe. (absence of broken parts etc.)

4-Make sure your child's comfort is in place. The temperature of the room should be good (22 degrees is the ideal heat for sleeping.) Pajamas should be comfortable. He might want to drink some water. If the door is ajar and some light leaks into the room, it can sleep better.

5-Do not accustom your child to sleep with you or it will be difficult to get used to sleeping on your own.

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