Questions about maternity leave (1)

Questions about maternity leave (1)

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There are many legal rights granted to mothers before and after birth. Do you know these rights? If your answer is “no” Er Sigorta Financial and Administrative Affairs Specialist Hatice Tokgöz 'You should listen to what the fame says.

: When does a maternity leave begin?
Hatice Tokgöz: According to Article 74 of the Labor Law, the maternity leave of a expectant mother begins eight weeks before the birth. Since pregnancy is normally 40 weeks, the onset time corresponds to 32 weeks.

: How long is the period of leave during pregnancy and postpartum?
Hatice Tokgöz: Duration of leave is 16 weeks, 8 weeks before birth and 8 weeks after birth. If requested, it is possible to work up to three weeks before birth if the health condition is good and the doctor gives consent. These periods are added to postnatal leave. If requested, the worker can use unpaid leave for 6 months at the end of this period and this period does not affect the annual leave periods.

: Is the duration longer in multiple pregnancies?
Hatice Tokgöz: In multiple pregnancies, two weeks are added to the eight-week period before delivery.

: Does a expectant mother have the right to use her full leave after childbirth?
Hatice Tokgöz: As mentioned before, it can only be worked up to three weeks before the birth and can be used by adding this period to the postpartum period.

: What is the procedure that should be followed by SSK, Bağ-kur and Mothers who are members of the Pension Fund?
Hatice Tokgöz:
• A - You should learn from the accounting department of your company which insurance directorate you are working with. According to the address of the company should go to the correct institution. Otherwise they will not process you.
• B - Obtain the expected date of birth from your doctor. Calculate up to 8 weeks before this date and calculate the day you need to make an appointment. Make an appointment with any doctor from the obstetrics department
• C - Go to the insurance hospital with a visit paper and health card from your workplace. If the doctor agrees with you on your date of birth, he or she will give you a birth certificate. If you do not receive a doctor's report, you will legally lose your right to prenatal leave.
• D - You must keep this document. You will need this document to receive your delivery fee. And your parental leave begins on the date this document is issued.

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