Children and their memories

Children and their memories

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Memory; is the most important part of an individual's intelligence. It is a whole that helps to store and remember when new experiences and information are acquired. Especially during childhood, you can strengthen your child's memory by using different methods and teach your child to use his / her memory in a controlled manner.

What prevents the efficient functioning of our memory?

1. Failure to provide sufficient material to the brain:
Most of the oxygen used by our body is used by our brain. Our brain uses a lot of oxygen, glucose and some enzymes. When these materials are not sufficient, brain functions cannot be performed properly.

2. Blocking the brain's workflow:
When people experience constant stress, the body is stretched. If the tension persists, the brain and body burn the available glucose in a short time and consume its energy.

3. Incomplete use of brain capacity:
Recent research shows that we use very little part of our brain capacity. When we use the right and left lobes of our brain, it is reported that the capacity will increase. We use the left lobe of our brain, where there is more logic and mathematical thinking. We need to activate the right lobe where there are art, rhythm and color.

4. Attenuation of brain capacity:
-Watching TV
- Uncontrolled imagination

5. The habit of systematic thinking:
A systematic thinker is one who can establish relationships between pieces of information and know where to place information. Memorization is the most typical form of systemless learning.

All this shows that we can have a strong memory or strengthen our memory. It is in your hands to improve your children's memory by taking due care at an early age. We have compiled some suggestions for this…

Suggestions for Improving Your Child's Memory…

• If you want your child to remember something, repeat this information frequently.
• If you say your child's name anywhere in your conversation, it will be easier for him to remember what you are saying. Saying your name will increase your child's interest in the subject.
• If you allow your child to play on their own and make discoveries, he or she will learn more easily how a toy works and will remember more easily at a later time.
• If you want your child to remember colors, numbers or letters, take a break after showing it once. Then show it again. Encourage him by praising him when he remembers it completely.
• Your child will remember more than one sensory object, such as a bouncing ball or a rolling ball.
• Your child will more easily remember an event (such as a party for children) that he has actively participated in.
• If you want your child to remember a song or lullaby, choose the lively and cheerful ones and sing with them.
• Direct him to concentrate. When looking at a book with your child, keep the pages open a little longer than they should be.

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