My child is afraid of the dark!

My child is afraid of the dark!

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The fear of darkness, which is one of the most prevalent fears in childhood, makes children more worried with the prolongation of the nights. Such that; Some children can not sleep at night with fear.

Üsküdar University faculty member Asst. Assoc. Dr. Özlem Mestçioğlu Gökmoğol; underlines that fears begin to develop in children from the age of 2 years. Mestçioğlu, 2-year-old mother and separation from the fear of the loud voice of the child is afraid of the dark between 3-5 years, this fear is one of the naturally developing fears, he says.
Gökmoğol points out that if the fear of darkness is handled by the family in a healthy way, it can be lost without any problem for the child in the future life, otherwise the problem may continue.

Stating that children can see monsters, supernatural creatures such as witches at these ages, Gökmoğol emphasizes that this is due to the prolongation of TV watching hours and the increasing content of violence in computer games.

Don't Say Nothing to Fear!

The children who fear the dark sleep time when they do not want to sleep alone, to exclude the various excuses to make up that expressed Asst. Assoc. Dr. Özlem Mestçioğlu Gökmoğol said that the children want to keep the light on in their rooms and that when it comes to getting anything from a dark place, they make up excuses not to go. Gökmoğol also noted that these children were violent and said that the child expressing his fear directly should not be called yok There is nothing to be afraid of ”.

Parental Attitude Reinforces Fears

Gökmoğol also reminds us that parental attitude is important in the fear of darkness and continues:
En The most important reason that reinforces the fear of darkness is the attitude and behavior of the parents. To make the habit of sleeping with the light, revealing their own fears to the child, will also make the children uneasy and even think that the darkness is scary. Some parents wake up at night to see if their child is scared. Parents who have lost their children in the past and, for this reason, have intense fear of losing, experience this situation much more deeply, and the fears and anxieties of their children are much greater. “

Is it possible to accustom to darkness?

The child who is afraid of the dark, under the circumstances should be convinced that he can easily reach his family in fear Özlem Mestçioğlu Gökmoğol, the parent can protect his child from psychological risks with this behavior, he said. Gökmoğol underlined the need to fight gradually and slowly in order to meet the fear with calm and patience and to accustom the child to darkness.
Gökmoğol said, ır When you are accustomed to the darkness, you can first select the dim light and stand by, gradually decrease the power of the light and move away from it and stop at the distance it can be heard. In addition, in accordance with the age of the child in relation to the source of fear and the measures to be taken against hazards can provide relief to children, can alleviate their fears. “

Asst. Assoc. Dr. Özlem Mestçioğlu Gökmoğol advised parents:

o Don't ignore your children's fears
Don't underestimate them
Don't mock them
o Investigate the causes of fears and try to eliminate them
o Do not over-protect
o Stay away from sentences that will give him the feeling that the environment is a dangerous place
o Help to control fear through physical contact
o Help her to join the group of friends and gain self-confidence
He should be talked to when he's ready for his fears
o Scary tales should not be told, films should not be shown

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