How do you cook with your child?

How do you cook with your child?

When you read the title, many of you might ask yourself nereden where did this come from?. When I first heard about it, I was surprised and didn't understand the importance of it. However, I wanted to share with you when a pedegog friend who is studying cookery in France told me that various studies were done on this subject.

We all know that the time that parents spend with their children, especially in preschool, is very valuable. During this period, all kinds of activities with children play an important role in their development. Cooking is one of these activities. Here are the various benefits of cooking with your child:

1. You can improve your child's creativity.
Your child will have the opportunity to use different ingredients while cooking. What he will do with these materials will support his creativity and will allow him to experience different materials. For example, after kneading the dough, shaping the dough with your own hand or various dough molds will increase your child's creativity. Or your child can draw a “face” shape into the dish using different vegetables (mouth from tomato, eyes from cucumber, hair from lettuce…) All of these activities will improve your child's thinking and creation skills.

2. You can teach your child changes.
When cooking, your child also witnesses the physical and chemical changes of the ingredients you use. Even if he does not have any knowledge about it, he has the opportunity to learn various things with what he sees. For example, it can learn by seeing that water freezes when it is placed in the freezer or evaporates when boiled.

3. You can develop your child's small motor muscles.
Small motor muscles will develop as your child will often use his or her hands and fingers while cooking. Mixing, whisking, kneading, squeezing or extracting things are the main actions that develop small motor muscles. Therefore, take care to have your child do these things while cooking with your child.

4. You can increase your child's self-confidence.
Cooking is an ideal activity for your child to develop self-confidence. Because cooking in the eyes of your child is an activity that belongs to the world of adults. His participation in this activity and his appreciation of the elders as a result increases his confidence. As a result of this activity, your child will have the opportunity to use this trust for their own benefit in different environments.

5. It will help you inform your child about the concept of gender and role.
You can accurately convey prejudiced negative ideas about the concept of gender and role in our society to your child during this activity. You can teach him that cooking is not a duty for women in the family, especially for the mother, and that every individual in the family has equal responsibilities for cooking.

6. You can introduce different cultures to your child.
As we all know, different cultures have different eating habits. You can teach your child the food habits of different cultures with this activity. No need to teach illaki world, different cultures, for example, open the map of Turkey and choose a city or a region with your child and tell your child about the food culture of that area, and then he's trying to do with your location-specific food to your child that you choose.

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