Secrets of being a happy mother

Secrets of being a happy mother

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Being a happy mother is the dream of all mothers. Because the happy mother is one of the most important factors in the upbringing of happy children. Psychiatrist Specialist Dr. E. Onur Özalmete said that mothers should distinguish the difference between “perfect mother and happy mother”. Mother, some factors will reflect the baby's happiness, indicating that shadow the happiness Psychiatrist Exp. Dr. E. Onur Özalmete listed these factors as follows: olmak To be depressed, to be anxious, to devote his whole life to his baby, to experience a feeling of inadequacy, to feel guilty towards his baby, to seek out the solution. ”Psychiatrist Specialist Dr. E. Onur Özalmete says that the mother is constantly searching for the best while trying to be the anne perfect mother,. “The mother becomes inadequate and anxious when trying to do the best. She wants to be a second teacher at home. He tries to manage everyone and everything, including the father, for the child's good. ” ReassurePsychiatrist Experts explaining the secrets of being a good enough mother. Dr. E. Onur Özalmete explained that there are two basic rules for this. Psychiatrist Uzm said that one of these basic rules is Psik mirroring the child ”. Dr. E. Onur Özalmete, olmak Being a good enough mother is to understand the child's emotional and physical needs correctly and to provide the most appropriate response to their needs with a reassuring and calming attitude. In other words, the mother receiving and processing the anxious stimulus from the baby; it is reflected back as a calming stimulus to the baby.. Psychiatrist Specialist Dr. E. Onur Özalmete, one of the things to be done to be a good enough mother to draw the boundaries of the net that is to say no if necessary, he added. Emphasizing that the limits allow the child to feel safe, he says. Dr. E. Onur Özalmete said: temel The main purpose of drawing a border is to create a sense of safe life with rules in the child. Seeing and learning the basic rules and limits of life is one of the basic needs of the child. From the age of 2, children try and force their parents to learn their limits. These behaviors continue until the age of about 6 years.Some suggestions for being a happy momPsychiatrist Specialist Dr. E. Onur Özalmete made some suggestions to be a good mother. Psychiatrist Uzm said that it is enough for the mother to provide a safe and peaceful environment for her child. Dr. Özalmete said: bırak Leave education to schools. Spend quality time instead of trying to train. Play games. What is important in the game is not to be educational, but to ensure a satisfactory relationship. You must be satisfied. Do not play the game you do not enjoy. Do not try to realize your own unexplored ideals through your child (eg: “I couldn't read it us). Invest in yourself, the children learn from there (eg: “He doesn't read any books” Well, do you?).

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