What other disorders accompany Dehb?

What other disorders accompany Dehb?

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One of the difficulties encountered in the treatment of ADHD is that this disorder is usually accompanied by other disorders. Experts say that about two-thirds of people diagnosed with ADHD show another psychological disorder. Therefore, it becomes difficult to diagnose, and the approach to treatment may vary according to the other disorder. This is one reason why children with ADHD are so different from each other.

One of the most common disorders associated with ADHD is the contrast-defiant disorder (35-65%). Symptoms such as disobedience, non-compliance, negative attitudes towards adults, verbal aggression, easy anger and susceptibility are observed in defiant disorder.

In 20-45% of children with ADHD, symptoms of conduct disorder are observed. This is followed by 20-35% of other disorders such as special learning difficulties, depression, anxiety (anxiety) disorder and tic disorders. However, they may not be seen in everyone with ADHD. The behavior, success and social relationships of children with ADHD associated with these disorders are affected in different ways; Similarly, depression is one of the most important disorders associated with ADHD, especially during adolescence. In children and adolescents, symptoms such as depression, irritability, irritability, concentration problems, sleep problems, reactivity, and doing dangerous things can cause self-harm. Therefore, experts underline the need for careful analysis of whether ADHD is accompanied by other disorders.

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