Ways to cope with confinement

Ways to cope with confinement

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Maternity is shown as one of the transition periods in Anatolian folklore. Forty days after birth, in particular, constitute a very important period for the mother and child. Maternity women do not get out of bed for forty days and do not go out. The mother and baby are bathed together on the 40th day of the postpartum period. After the bath, the baby is taken out and taken to the family elders; among these people is called ─▒rk Forty Flying urma. Wishing the mother to have plenty of milk in every place she goes, she is offered half a glass of water first. The mother has to drink all the water given to her. After the water, he is offered food. It is customary for all who see the baby to give approval such as eggs, handkerchiefs and money.


Guests coming to celebrate the baby are accepted by the mother who gave birth in the maternity bed with the baby. Maternity bed, which is a place of celebration, is carefully decorated. Embroidered bedspreads, sheets and pillows adorned with the head of the bed in an embroidered container is hung in the Koran. Maternity woman usually gets up from the maternity bed at the end of the tenth day, but the bed is not collected,


Within forty days of confinement, a mawlid is taught, although it is not compulsory in religious terms. The woman who gave birth in the Mevlidiye, which was read by Hafiz, was accepted by the guests. In some regions, it is customary to bring gifts to the child or mother. At the end of Mevlid guests are offered a variety of foods, as well as a sherbet.


Another tradition of maternity is the provision of maternity sherbet to guests who disregard it. Maternity sherbet is a beverage made with clove, cinnamon, sugar dye and sugar. Hot or cold can be served. Apart from guests, relatives are sent to the house of acquaintances in pitchers. Red cheesecloth is connected to the throat of the jug and the lid of the girl if the child is a boy. Since it is sugary and spicy, it is frequently drunk to the mother for her milk to multiply.


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