The effects of spring fatigue in pregnant women

The effects of spring fatigue in pregnant women

Sunny spring days; fatigue, joint pain, continuous fatigue, which manifests itself with the desire to sleep. Almost everyone feels spring fatigue affects pregnant women twice as much. Stating that expectant mothers who are under the effect of intense pregnancy hormones may feel more sluggish, unwilling and irritable than normal Anadolu Medical Center Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Nuri Ceydeli, “It should be known that this process that comes with spring is temporary and it is necessary to support the mother-mother during this transition period and try to be more understanding anlayış.

Ceydeli stated that progesterone hormone, which maintains pregnancy during this period, causes women to feel unhappy, “The body keeps water, bowel movements slow down, swelling of hands and feet. People are reluctant and more intolerant of the stresses in business life. Hormonal changes that occur in the presence of spring in this person who is in this state of mind is more self-evident.. Ceydeli expressed that pregnancy hormones do not trigger the condition and only aggravates the existing condition. drew attention to the importance. Ceydeli said that it is not possible to completely differentiate fatigue and spring fatigue from pregnancy, and that the quality of life is important, not the city where the woman lives.

Good for a short holiday

Ceydeli emphasized that the biochemical parameters should be optimized in case the pregnant woman is reluctant, unhappy, crushing against the environment, and too weak to perform daily life activities, “In such cases, psychological activities should be reduced and family relations should be supported. In addition, environmental changes can be made, vacation for a while, ”he said.

Nutritional advice for mothers

Ceydeli says that in general, lighter foods should be consumed in the summer. At frequent intervals, little is said to consume less food. Ceydeli listed his suggestions as follows; juicy foods, vegetables, fruits should be fed mainly. Chicken, red meat, fish should be eaten at least twice a week. Consumption of watery food such as compote, soup should be increased. At least 2.5-3 liters of liquid should be consumed per day. Frying, heavy, fatty foods, large amounts of carbohydrates should not be taken. Foods that are difficult to digest should be avoided. Meal hours must be followed. 3 meals a day main meals, yoghurt, fruit, small sandwiches should be supported. After meals, if possible 10-15 min. a light-paced walk or short-term rest would be beneficial

Watch out for hours

Ceydeli stated that it is preferable to go out during the day when the weather is very hot and he emphasized the importance of being in closed and well ventilated environments as much as possible. If you need to go out early in the morning (08.00-10.00) or in the evening hours (17.00-19.00) should be preferred, saying Ceydeli, “If going out, light colored, plenty of comfortable clothes should be preferred. Try to consume plenty of fluids. If it is to be outdoors during hot hours, it must be protected with sunscreen leri.

Fathers should be more constructive

Ceydeli stated that important tasks fall to the father during pregnancy and that they should help the mothers in every subject and said, horm The hormonal environment of the pregnant woman, stress of the house and work, fatigue will make the pregnant woman more sluggish, feisty and irritable than before. To do so, the expectant father must treat the mother with understanding and be aware that this is a temporary period. The kindness provided to the expectant mother with the support to be given in this process will again turn to the expectant father as a positive energy. ”

Tips for pregnant women to overcome spring fatigue more easily: